There's No Place Like Home [en]

[fr] Qu'il fait bon être de retour chez soi!

I’m home.

  • I know how the oven works and the temperatures on the dial mean something to me.
  • The water in the shower is hot immediately, no need to wait.
  • Bagha is there.
  • Dressing-gown.
  • Sleeping in my bed. With my nordic-style bedsheets. Mmmh.
  • Frozen lasagna from Migros, tastes “just like it should”.
  • Quiet. Calm. Silence. (Just a bit of thunder now and again.)
  • Shopping on auto-pilot with no surprises. Price tags indicate how much I’ll pay, tax included.
  • Spotlessly clean busses.
  • Dreadful grumble winter-like grey grumble weather.
  • Paying my bus fare with my CASH card. No need to convert bills into quarters.
  • A fridge filled with familiar food.
  • Did I mention the calm and silence?

It’s been a long time since I was away from home for so long.

4 thoughts on “There's No Place Like Home [en]

  1. Welcome home! Although with Twitter and Pownce and your online input you were not as far away as you could have been.

    If you have a spare moment next week during the day I’d love to say hello. Tuesday, Thursday or Friday would be great.

  2. From where I am it didn’t feel like you’d left at all! But seriously – don’t you at least take your own pillow when you’re away that long? (I do!)

  3. Indeed, there is no place like home. For me it’s where my wonderful lady is, our three cats (BV, Church and Dingo) and several assorted fish that absolutely refuse to stay the cute little fishy type things they were.

    And congratulations on being awarded an SOB by Liz Strauss. She does not give these out indiscriminately. I myself will be back for more. 😀

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