There's No Place Like Home [en]

[fr] Qu'il fait bon être de retour chez soi!

I’m home.

  • I know how the oven works and the temperatures on the dial mean something to me.
  • The water in the shower is hot immediately, no need to wait.
  • Bagha is there.
  • Dressing-gown.
  • Sleeping in my bed. With my nordic-style bedsheets. Mmmh.
  • Frozen lasagna from Migros, tastes “just like it should”.
  • Quiet. Calm. Silence. (Just a bit of thunder now and again.)
  • Shopping on auto-pilot with no surprises. Price tags indicate how much I’ll pay, tax included.
  • Spotlessly clean busses.
  • Dreadful grumble winter-like grey grumble weather.
  • Paying my bus fare with my CASH card. No need to convert bills into quarters.
  • A fridge filled with familiar food.
  • Did I mention the calm and silence?

It’s been a long time since I was away from home for so long.