A Day at WordCamp 2007 [en]

[fr] Résumé des notes prises durant WordCamp.

Today was the first day of WordCamp 2007. Had a really nice day, met cool people (hi Daniel!), and live-blogged my hands off (almost literally: nasty RSI flare-up which made me skip two sessions of note-taking). Two sessions in the morning, two in the afternoon, a big two-session break, and then Matt Cutts. I also, of course, took a bunch of photos, which, as usually, received far more praise than I think they deserve. I’d like to take this occasion to remind everybody to please open up tagging to the community, and add tags to my photos as you stroll through them.

WordCamp 2007 4

Here are the sessions I live-blogged.

So, what do you think, 😉 should I start marketing myself as a 2.0 conference live-blogger? (Laying aside the fact RSI does limit the number of sessions I can do in a row…)

7 thoughts on “A Day at WordCamp 2007 [en]

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  2. Stephanie, did you introduce yourself to me during the conference and was I paying attention? There were so many people and if I heard your full name I would have fallen on my knees and hugged the stuffing out of you!

    I’ve long been a fan and your early work with WordPress guided me along the path. Forgive me if I missed you during the conference – I owe you a hug and a worship from the floor. 😀

  3. Hey Lorelle — I actually didn’t get a chance to introduce myself to you. I think we were both quite busy! I was sitting in the front row and dutifully completed “Spam Karma and Bad Behavior” when you poked the public for the “holy trinity of spam fighting”.

    We’ll have to bump into one another at some other conference! 🙂

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