Creative Commons and Ads on Blogs [en]

[fr] L'utilisation de contenu Creative Commons comportant une licence permettant uniquement une réutilisation non-commerciale des oeuvres n'est pas autorisée si le site a du contenu publicitaire. Logique, mais j'ai bien peur de ne pas avoir fait assez attention à ça jusqu'ici...

Creative Commons and the limit between personal and commercial use came up in the conversation in the LIFT panel moderated by Philippe Mottaz.

Over the last months, I’ve had this question nagging at me in the background: if you put ads on your blog, are you allowed to use NC Creative Commons content or not? I kind of suspected the answer would be “no”, but kind of preferred not knowing for sure. A little chat with Stowe just lifted my last doubts (LIFT is good at lifting stuff).

Now: “ouch, have I made my clients aware of this or not? have I led them to mistakenly believe the answer was ‘yes’?” Need to check on that. And also take a closer look at third-party CC content I might have included on this blog…

2 thoughts on “Creative Commons and Ads on Blogs [en]

  1. “Non commercial” does not mean “non profit”, the bare act of selling something is commercial even if you loose money. I think most people who put their contents under a non commercial licence want to prevent big profits realized by big, bad capitalist companies and do not realize that the nc licence is much more restrictive than that.

  2. Don’t forget you can always ask permission. Creative Commons licenses specify what you can do without having to ask permission, but they do not prevent you asking permission to do something not covered by the license.

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