Flying Home Tomorrow With Easyjet. Or Not? [en]

[fr] Vu la situation (brouillard) à Londres et l'impact que ça a sur les vols, je crains un peu de me retrouver coincée à Londres demain soir. Surtout qu'Easyjet est injoignable par téléphone entre 20h et 8h et que leur site web refuse de reconnaître l'adresse e-mail que j'ai utilisée pour réserver mon vol.

I’m supposed to fly home tomorrow from Gatwick. If you’ve been anywhere else than under a rock these last days, you’ll know that flights out of London have been severely disrupted.

This morning, I called Easyjet to see if there was any chance my flight would be delayed or cancelled. Their website didn’t yield much information besides the standard arrivals page, which told me that one flight to Geneva yesterday afternoon had been cancelled.

Anyway, the lady was very reassuring. She took my flight number, and told me that the flight yesterday had arrived on time, and that I should be fine.

Tonight, I checked the arrivals page again, and saw that both flights to Geneva this evening had been cancelled. Ouch!

This is where it gets bad. I tried to call Easyjet again, but all their lines are closed after 8pm. Great! Even the one you reach after spending 10 minutes in the menus, where you choose “if your flight has been cancelled, please press 2”. They just tell you to use the website if you want to cancel or change a flight. Well, that’s fine with me, except… For some reason, Easyjet doesn’t recognize the e-mail address I used to book the flight. They’ll send me a newsletter to the address, sure, but will say they’ve never heard of it when I try to use it to log into the website.

And the technical support line is £1/minute.

If I know there is a good chance of my flight being cancelled, I’d like to know about it so that I can make other plans. Change my flight, go back to Leeds, take the Ferry, whatever. What I’m worried about is that my flight is after 8pm. What if it’s cancelled, and I’m supposed to “contact my airline”?

All this is making me somewhat grumbly. I’d really like to get back home for Christmas.

Update: I sent an e-mail to Easyjet about the e-mail address issue. I’ll receive a response from them withing 20 working days. How’s that for an SLA on e-mail responses?

6 thoughts on “Flying Home Tomorrow With Easyjet. Or Not? [en]

  1. Pas de souci, je suis bien rentrée, l’avion n’avait qu’une bonne heure de retard. Par contre, plus de bus, donc 50.- CHF de taxis que je vais tâcher de me faire rembourser par Easyjet après Noël.

  2. Wow. Je viens d’appeler Easyjet et de me faire agresser pendant 10 minutes par l’agent au téléphone. (C’est pas de leur faute s’il y avait du brouillard, ils pouvaient pas prévoir, je vais pas me faire rembourser, le problème avec le site web c’est ma faute… Rah!)

  3. Same situation here however, they are updating the website regularly. You need to click on the box that says “flight disruption today”. This will come with a list of all flights that are cancelled and what to do. You will not get a phone call or email through as both of those systems are down due to the influx of panicked passengers. I have a flight scheduled for first thing in the morning and will probably have to check 2 hours before the 2 hour check in to see the status of the flight.

    However, I do feel very secure that there is proper links to follow if it is cancelled to reschedule or get my money back. It is the price I guess I pay for wishing a white Christmas. I have a daughter hoping I will be there for Christmas Eve. It may not happen…..unless with a man in a sleigh picks me up on his voyage around the world. Hopeful for flight……any way it turns out it will still be Christmas!

    Joy to the world!

  4. How we agree with everything above! We checked with the website before setting out at 2am this morning for our flight to Almeria – checked in without a hitch – apart from the counters marked ‘internet checkin and baggage drop’ were only for some flights and you had to guess which ones. Whilst in the departure lounge we noticed our flight had been cancelled. Finding out any info from easyjet was like looking for Wally – we were herded around back to arrivals and then told over the PA to all go home and rebook something else on line! If only they could have told us it was cancelled – they must have known earlier where all their planes were – we could have saved ourselves nearly £400 in taxi fares having a day trip to gatwick airport!

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