Collaborative BlogTalk Notes on Wiki [en]

Collaborative notes taken during the BlogTalk conference are online on Joi’s wiki.

The conferences are interesting. Even more exciting is being a Mac user, playing with Rendez-Vous and SubEthaEdit.

One of the results of this is that notes some of us are taking at the conference are already available on BlogTalkViennaNotes.

As the notes are on wiki pages (after having been composed with SubEthaEdit, it was kind of a logical, step — thanks Suw), please don’t hesitate to complete them with your own if you were at the conference.

5 thoughts on “Collaborative BlogTalk Notes on Wiki [en]

  1. Désolée, promis je vais m’y remettre… probablement un résumé de ces conférences!

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  3. Il est 23h, on est le 6 juillet, 60 minutes à  l’avance…Je serai donc dans les premiers à  te souhaiter un bon anniversaire ! 🙂

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