Requirements for a perfect weblog tool [en]

Cahier des charges en français. The French list is much more complete than this one.

  • Creation, modification, and deletion of posts.
  • More than one author per weblog.
  • Allow posts from certain authors to be approved by others before publication.
  • More than one language per weblog, and per post.
  • Comments, trackback, pingback.
  • RSS and Atom feeds for weblog and comments.
  • Possibility to make it work without a database back-end (XML back-end would be nice!).
  • Multiple categories.
  • Choice of main permalink (a unique page per post) either by date, or by category, or simply by name, or combination (flexibility on the choice). Examples:
    • (unique page per post)
  • Allow a different permalinking scheme per category (for example, would allow the “articles” category to be permalinked as whereas other weblog posts would be permalinked as
  • “Clean” URI scheme without any nasty “?”
  • Possibility to list all posts belonging to: month, author, category, combination.
  • Static front-end (I mean, pages are not to be dynamically generated each time a page is requested from the server).
  • Author information: name, e-mail, uri.
  • Atom-compliant, and default standards-compliant xhtml strict and css layout output.

[Editing list as my thoughts evolve… so don’t be surprised if you read stuff that says other things are written here than what is!]

12 thoughts on “Requirements for a perfect weblog tool [en]

  1. “Atom-compliant, and default standards-compliant xhtml strict and css layout output.”

    Je comprends mieux le pourquoi de ta question maintenant 😉

  2. Heck. I just realised you could send a trackback to a weblog about a non-trackback-enabled page. All this time I should have been sending trackbacks 🙂

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