Dvorakitty [en]

Allow me, for once, to jump on a meme bandwagon. Here is my Dvorakitty:

Dvorak with Bagha-kitty's head.


p class=”note”>[Thanks to Meryl for the photoshopping. I’m hopeless at that kind of stuff.]

It’s nowhere as funny as Meryl’s Dvorakitty, of course. And it’s actually pretty spooky to see my cat looking at me from the top of that body.

Little explanation: Dvorak is the author of a pretty shallow article on the ‘Blog’ phenomenon. He said something about people posting less pictures of their cats on their sites, too. Not sure if it was supposed to be a good or a bad thing…

Update, July 2007: hunting in the archives:

2 thoughts on “Dvorakitty [en]

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    These are my notes of this session. They may be inaccurate. Check with people who actually said the words before jumping up and suing them. Thanks.

    John C. Dvorak thinks there is no difference whatsoever, and bloggers should be given credentials. Th…

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