I won! I won! I won! [en]

Wil didn't get one

Wil did get an obscene amount of Bloggies, though. Oh, and for the record, I only discovered he was an offline celebrity two days ago. Yeah, I know. No culture whatsoever. I did watch TNG, though – all the way from India.

I’m aware you’re all here looking for the CafePress gear. Actually, it sucked so badly I had to take it offline. Honest. (No, don’t you go and peek in the Google cache to check.)

I’ll comment on this extreme honour tomorrow, once I’ve finished dealing with all the fan email I received. Well yes, what did you think? (Thanks for the mail, Meryl, by the way!)

8 thoughts on “I won! I won! I won! [en]

  1. J’apprécie l’initiative que t’as eue de resortir le thème d’actualité de
    la tricherie organisée, en plein pendant les J.O.! 🙂

  2. who wouldn’t cheat to win a t-shirt with a naked Karl on it? 🙂
    No seriously Stephanie, this is *bad*. When I think you got us to vote
    for you…

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