Best Memories [en]

I have often expressed my regret that the portions of my Indian life which I get to tell over and over again are the ones which were the most painful to live. We all know this phenomenon: the worst moments make for the best memories.

Anne-Marie came up with the very simple answer I had been awaiting for ages: these difficult moments, these “adventures”, contain drama, and therefore they can be told. They make a good story. Happiness cannot be told. It is a state of being, not a series of events.

Do remember this when I write or talk about India: you are often hearing about the most negative things. I love being here, but there is no way I can really tell you this without boring you to death.

3 thoughts on “Best Memories [en]

  1. If you are willing to spend….all comforts are available in India…I
    don’t know about Europe but don’t see much difference when I compare it to
    US…I accept…the other things (what you wrote about people, beggers
    etc)…are correct… One more thing…There are hundreds of Internet
    cafes in Pune…

  2. But what about painting the “right” picture if not a pretty one ? 🙂

  3. I do it as right as I can, my friend. There is no way to be objective,
    y’know? We always edit what we say.
    Because some things seem worth saying, and some don’t. Because some
    things can be said (that is the point of my post!) – and some simply

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