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I found it somewhat heartening to learn that Steven Champeon, the venerable list mom of webdesign-L had a degree in philosophy and religious studies (I’m never sure what “religious studies” means abroad though – is it “theology” or “Religionswissenschaft”?)

When people who’ve met me through my activity online ask what I’m studying, probably expecting an answer like “computer science”, and then react with the “whee! religions and philosophy? that doesn’t have much to do with HTML and PHP, does it?” – I’ll be able to point and say “well, that’s what he studied too, look!”, and feel a little less alone in this soul-less and mechanized world.

; )

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  1. although not quite as romantic as ‘religion and philosophy’, I am an IT consultant and I have a degree in Finance, and I do you have a lot of religion, literature, and foreign language credits, too. I just enjoy learning and those were the things that I wanted to learn about. Computers and the like, came to easily, I wanted a broader base of knowledge.

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