Ice Hockey Experience [en]

So yesterday I went to see an ice hockey match. I have to tell you that I’m everything but a sports enthusiast. So this was my first match. And probably last.

First of all, I thought I was back in the EPFL corridors: 95% male population.

So I had a chance to check Aleika’s mother’s famous male IQ law. The law states that in a pack of males, an individual’s IQ is inversely proportional to the size of the group. In other words, the sum of all the individual’s IQs is a constant.

This means that a guy alone is nice company, that two guys can already be troublesome, and that three or more is a pain (split that 120 IQ between them, and see what you get!)

There were 8500 spectators last night. Not many girls.

The game in itself is not uninteresting. The only thing that bothered me (and it’s what bothers me with sport all the time!) is the lack of fair-play.
Now, Switzerland is a nice country as far as fair-play is concerned, and the match I saw was normal (yep, I asked). Well, I saw far too many aggressive players and nasty shoves for my liking.

Competition judo is much more fair-play than that, and I always complain about people being “unfair-play” over there.

So you see. I don’t have anything against sport in itself – but I don’t like the mentality that goes with competition. Yes, encourage your team. No, don’t throw rotten tomatoes at the other team – especially if they are losing!

2 thoughts on “Ice Hockey Experience [en]

  1. the same is true for women.
    as for ice hockey, it’s a physical game, the part of you that gets into a full-contact sport properly also likes to push people around :p

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