Wild Videocast of Robert Scoble Interview [en]

[fr] Une interview (partielle) de Robert Scoble par Marc-Olivier et David de IC Agency, filmée de façon un peu sauvage. Quand on dit que les blogs sont la télé-réalité du web...

I was having a post-LIFT chat with Marc-Olivier in the lounge yesterday when David came up, stole him from me and started talking about getting Robert to do a podcast with them for a blog they were going to open. I offered to introduce them to him.

I was going to take a couple of photographs but as they started, I decided for video instead. Think of it as a “making of” videocast of their podcast. (I say “wild” not because Robert went wild on the video but because it wasn’t planned, staged, or whatever. Vidéocasting sauvage would be how I’d put it in French.

5-minute videocast with Robert (partial)

Robert Scoble podcast (5 mins) by Steph

My initial intention was to upload it straight away. I like the immediateness you can get with the web. (If moblogging wasn’t so bloody expensive I’d be moblogging away…) David actually asked me to hold off publishing the video and cut out some bits of it or put their audio on it, because they wanted to edit some of the audio (English mistakes in the questions, but IMHO, who cares?) I said I preferred to publish what I had recorded “as is”, mistakes, goofs, and all — it was OK with Robert.

I’m a bit embarrassed by the situation, to be honest. My video is on DailyMotion under a CC-by-sa-nc license, so they can put their audio on top if they like, whatever. I don’t really like having to refrain from publishing something, but on the other hand I am very much aware that if you appear on a video or a photograph, you have a right to control publication of it. I think what bothered me was the argument of “exclusivity”. My videocast is only about a third of the interview, anyway.

What would you have done? Should I have refrained from posting this until they had their version up?

I will of course be posting the link to their version(s) here as soon as I get it.

13 thoughts on “Wild Videocast of Robert Scoble Interview [en]

  1. too bad you ran out of memory before the best part of the interview : me and Robert Scoble having a naked conversation 😉

  2. Yes, I agree! Who can sponsor me with a huge memory card?

  3. Stephanie, as we were I quite drunk, i thought it was a good idea to wait a littlebit…
    The idea was just to be able to listen quietly and see how many BS were said before publishing the content.
    As I told you Friday evening, he idea also was to use this interview to launch one of our new project. I loved the title “wild videocast”. It represents exactly what’s happen there. As you made the introduction with Robert, don’t worry for the rights. Your are a perfect assistant, many thanks for your help and be prepare for new ventures…

  4. Cool! do let me know when the new project is up and I’ll blog about it.

  5. Raphael: you mean it asks you for a key? To view the embedded video or to go to the site by clicking on the links?

  6. Here is the message I receive:

    Cette clé de blog Dailymotion n’est pas valide pour ce domaine.

    Si vous êtes le propriétaire de ce blog, vous pouvez régler ce problème en ajoutant ce domaine à  cette clé.

    Great cocomment, it’s the first time i see the power of tracking conversation. I was septical for this point. I admit it’s useful.

  7. à  nouveau le tristement célèbre “Cette clé de blog Dailymotion n’est pas valide pour ce domaine.”

  8. Merci du rappel, j’étais en cours de troubleshooting l’autre soir quand le sommeil m’a prise… je relance la machine.

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