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Here’s a small selection of links related to my work around languages on the internet, particularly multilingualism. If you start with these, you’ll find more links to interviews, videos, and other blog posts around the topic.

I am currently available for speaking and consulting engagements on these issues.



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17 thoughts on “Multilingual [en]

  1. Dear Stephanie,
    Your basic bilingual plugin seems to be perfect for the site I’m building in WordPress 2.8.
    Is there a chance your plugin will be useable in the 2.8 version?
    I like to make a website in Dutch and English.
    Best regards,
    Mark Crama

  2. Mark — as far as I know, it should work with 2.8. It’s a pretty simple plugin (rough around the edges I’m afraid).

  3. I saw that the rss feed shows first the extract in the other language due to the fact that the other language is shown first. I interverted it so the rss shows the first language body of the post. This could be an option.
    for the rest thanks for this plugin

  4. Hi, im gonna start my own blog from scratch.

    And I want to blog both in spanish and english, some times ill be writting in one language, some times in the other. Im not looking for a translation plugin, just need a tip how to do this manually in the best way possible for google.

    Should i blog like normally, and just get the two languages in the same home page?


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