SwissBlogs Needs Your Help [en]

SwissBlogs is putting together a team of motivated people to improve it drastically.

[fr] Je cherche à monter une équipe de personnes motivées pour faire vivre SwissBlogs, un des répertoires de blogs suisses les plus en vue. Au programme, entre autres:

  1. amélioration générale de l'interface (formulaire qui se pré-remplit avec les informations meta du weblog, possibilité d'éditer ses infos)
  2. intégration avec
  3. version italienne
  4. processus de modération plus efficace

Si vous voulez faire partie de l'équipe, contactez-moi! Je cherche aussi des modérateurs, pour approuver les nouveaux sites ajoutés à la liste. Le site est en PHP/MySQL pas trop propre 🙂

SwissBlogs, one of the best-known Swiss blog directories, has become too much for one person (me) to maintain, even with a little help (Matt). Plus, you all know by now, that if I’m pretty good at having ideas and launching stuff, I’m much less good at keeping them going. I guess that’s just who I am.

I am therefore looking for motivated (and multilingual!) people to help me keep this directory going, and improve it (it has hardly changed since I quickly threw a few lines of dirty code together over 18 months ago).

I would like to put together a team of 5-6 people. Here is a quick list of what I’m thinking about for the coming developments of the directory:

  1. provide italian translation of interface
  2. allow people to edit their own data (add username/password functionality)
  3. automatically fill-in the form with as much data as possible pulled from the blog page meta tags (like ViaBloga does with their blogrolling system)
  4. more integration with it initially used the SwissBlogs list, but now the two lists have grown separately — people sign up on but not on SwissBlogs, and vice-versa
  5. in particular, information can be used to determine if a blog is still active or not
  6. add screenshots of blogs
  7. improve moderation process
  8. better sorting and filing of blogs (add tags?)
  9. improve general usability of form/site, and redesign…

Of course, we also need moderators — people who will check new blogs before inclusion in the directory.

Please get in touch if you would like to be on the team, or be a moderator.

Have I posted about this already? It rings familiar but my memory and site search are failing me.