Somesso – Julie Meyer: Value Creation through Social Media for Companies [en]

[fr] Mes notes de la conférence de Julie Meyer à Somesso.

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From the Digital Island (that’s what it felt like 10 years ago) to Entrepreneur Country (what it feels like today).

Entrepreneurs are not the problem, it’s more the financing.

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steph-note: ouch, lots of text on the slides and talking very fast& taking photos again

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Julie used to work for PR, and used to think that the job of PR was to hold up the mirror to the company, and that the company should have no contact whatsoever with the exterior — completely invalid thinking today.

Marketing trumps technology.

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steph-note: sorry, too many words too fast and too packed on slides, tuned out

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Spinvox: didn’t create the technology, but created the business model (like Skype).

Big problem in the startup sector: founders can’t make it to CEO steph-note: agreed!

Realising what ecosystem you’re in, whether or not it is to disrupt it.

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