LIFT08: Rafi Haladjian [en]

*Note: live notes, probably incomplete, possibly misunderstood. Please post comments, links to photos, videos, or other coverage in the comments. Rafi founded Minitel start-ups, and now makes wifi rabbits.*

LIFT08 087 Rafi Haladjian

Calm technologies. Attention economy: screens require an exclusive attention span — putting more things on the screen is maybe not a solution. Why not provide information through other channels?

In the beginning, chips were expensive. 1 computer for several users. Then chips became more affordable, and today, so cheap you can stick them everywhere. 1 user, several computers.

Why do teddy-bears speak? They used to be pure plush, and now they have a chip and sing stupid songs.

All home appliances networked: never happened. Why?

– not that appealing, no fun
– expensive and not that sexy (too much effort)
– proprietary tech, complex to set up
– loss of control

Violet’s strategy:

– affordable products
– not too useful, because too useful is boring
– expanding the internet, not something radically new
– user in the middle, control
– don’t think you can do everything: open standards, let the community in


LIFT08 086 Nabaztag

– proof of concept
– “If you can connect a rabbit, you can connect anything.”
– somewhat absurd
– rabbits are cute and have ears
– there is a life after the PC
– light, speaks, music, reads, moves ears, hears, RFID reader — does all sorts of things
– use? short reports, read RSS feeds…
– emotional messenger, physical avatar of your friends
– rabbit marriage — very stupid but people love it (ear movement sync)
– sold with Gallimard RFID-enabled children book (can read it — a step back from the idea that the future of books is electronic)