Reclaiming 43 Folders [en]

[fr] De plus en plus de blogs semblent prendre la route du "multi-auteurs, revenu pub" -- et j'en suis attristée. Merlin Mann, auteur du célèbre 43 Folders, fait machine arrière, et reprend possession de son blog. Ça me fait chaud au coeur.

I was very happy to read this post by Merlin Mann titled Time, Attention, and Creative Work. Here’s an excerpt:

5. This is my site. There are many like it, but this one is mine
43 Folders is now, once again, about what I have to say about things, and I want that to be the sole reason that the idea of a visit here either attracts or repels you.

Yes, there will still be occasional guest posts, open threads, and of course, I’ll be linking to and quoting widely from the work of others. But I’m taking a cue from John, Andy, Jason, and anybody else who wants to own every pixel of their site. I’m buying back my own stock, even if it incurs a short-term writedown.

Over the last year, I’ve been increasingly saddened that a number of personal blogs I love (not least /Message, by my dear friend Stowe Boyd), have morphed into multi-author “media outlets” complete with ad revenue. And I’m glad to see 43 Folders coming back from that.

I discovered 43 Folders roughly two years ago when it was still Merlin’s site, and it was my starting-point for understanding what this GTD thing was many people were talking about. I visited regularly (by my standards — I’m a lousy blog reader) but at some point, 43 Folders changed.

Instead of dropping in at “my pal Merlin’s” to see what he had to say today, it felt like dropping into a noisy bar. And I’m a person who prefers a quiet heart-to-heart conversation around a cup of tea to an evening hanging out at the bar.

So, welcome back, Merlin. It’s nice to see you again.