Kittens [en]

[fr] Chatons! Choupitude! Mais que de boulot!

It’s spring, we need kittens.

Mia's Kittens 1

This is actually a sad story but it seems to be ending well. My brother’s mummy-cat disappeared a week after giving birth to her three kittens. She hasn’t been seen in over a week, so we fear she is gone for good.

That’s the sad bit.

The happy bit is that we’re hand-rearing the kittens and everybody is doing great. Expect cuteness.

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Mia's Kittens 9

Mia's Kittens 15

Mia's Kittens 18

Mia's Kittens 29

Mia's Kittens 26

Mia's Kittens 32