Scientologie [en]

A suivre: suite à  la censure par google d’une partie des pages de, le célèbre site voué à  la lutte contre l’Eglise de Scientologie, une discussion sur la Scientologie, à  laquelle je participe activement (la discussion, pas la Scientologie!)

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Scientology [en]

The CoS (Church of Scientology) is obviously pretty fearful of the work done by Operation Clambake, as it has seemingly asked Google to stop indexing this site.

See the article on Wired, and the email that received from Google.

The latest news at Operation Clambake and a quick bout of googling tells us that Google is indexing most of the site again. If you think the work Operation Clambake is doing is useful, don’t hesitate to:

This piece of news gave me the motivation necessary to put online the reviews I had written for Fathom5 and AstoundingWeb (when they were alive), and in particular the review of Operation Clambake.


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Google Bombing [en]

A very interesting article about Google bombing. Needless to say, I don’t encourage abuse of a (reasonably) good system.

On the other hand, were is the line between use and abuse? What is ethical, what is not? The gray zone is always the most interesting.

[link via Emmanuelle]

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Pet Peeve [en]

History [en]

Know the Code.

The browser wars are keeping us up nights.

We’re referring, of course, to the battle between Netscape Navigator 2 and Netscape Navigator 3. Seems the two generations of Wall Street’s (and our) favorite browser parse HTML somewhat differently. This is not a problem for people who write standard vanilla web pages. It was a big problem for us.

There are now over 200 pages in this web site. We’ve revised them all, to enrich your life as you speed-click your way through. Who loves ya, baby?

Zeldman, 1997

Some things don’t seem to have changed much on the web during these last years, like losing time working around browser incompatilities. Other things seem to have changed a lot, like taste in design.

If past things interest you, you’ll love the Internet Archive. It’s really interesting to see how design and content evolves through time.

Here are some of the sites I dug through:

If a page doesn’t seem to be in the archive, don’t worry and try later. The Internet Archive is having trouble keeping up with all the requests.

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Ripoff [en]

Fun With Spammers [en]

Michael Fraase is currently being threatened by lawsuit by a spammer.

A few months ago, under the title Fun with spammers, Michael published an article detailing how he suggests dealing with spammers. He included the email exchange which took place when he put his method in practice with one particular spammer.


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Independent Web [en]

Things are moving over at Independents Day.

The Future Independents Web: Visions of What’s to Come presents a series of essays about what the future of the independent web might be; one essay published every six hours – or every 250 .beats.

Keep checking. The .beat of the web is pulsing.

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Quand même! [en]

Si vous utilisez un navigateur autre que Internet Explorer, allez donc faire un petit tour sur MSN. Vous serez probablement accueilli par ce gentil message.

C’est un peu fort, non, vous trouvez pas?

Un article en anglais rend compte de la situation: shuts out non-Microsoft browsers.

[via webdesign-l]

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