Hashtags For My Followees [en]

[fr] En utilisant un dièze # devant un mot dans un message Twitter, on en fait un tag (un "hashtag", pour être précis -- "hash" étant un nom du dièze). Le site hashtags.org indexe ces tags. Pour y retrouver vos tweets, suivez hashtags sur Twitter.

[Hashtags.org](http://hashtags.org/) popped up on my radar roughly a week ago, I’d say. I mentioned [hashtags](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/09/02/twitter-hashtags-a-quickie/) once already here. They’re a “user-generated” system for implementing tags into Twitter. (User-generated, here, does not mean the same as in the ugly “user-generated content (UCG)” everybody is talking about these days, but points to the fact that [hashtags were initiated by users](http://factoryjoe.com/blog/2007/08/25/groups-for-twitter-or-a-proposal-for-twitter-tag-channels/), not by the Twitter-makers — just like the @convention.)

So, what does hashtags.org do? Basically, it makes those hashtags visible. In September, Twitter introduced [tracking](http://blog.twitter.com/2007/09/tracking-twitter.html), which I realise now I haven’t mentioned here yet. Tracking allows you to “subscribe” to keywords. I personally chose to track “stephtara” and “@stephtara” so that any @replies would arrive directly on my phone as texts. I had the bad idea to track “fowa” during [the Future of Web Apps conference](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/10/05/my-notes-of-fowa-autumn-2007/). By break time I had 300 text messages in my inbox. Oopsie!

Hashtags.org allows you to view tweets labeled with a hashtag on a web page. Look at [#leweb3](http://hashtags.org/tag/leweb3/) for example, [#twitter](http://hashtags.org/tag/twitter/), or [#wordpress](http://hashtags.org/tag/wordpress/).

A few remarks:

– it’s not very populated yet, because you need to [follow @hashtags](http://twitter.com/hashtags) for them to track your tags; as of writing, only 132 people are — so start following!
– I’m getting 500 internal server errors when I try to look at a tag that doesn’t exist ([#lausanne](http://hashtags.org/tag/lausanne/), as of writing)
– once “everybody” starts using hashtags, it will be very useful to be able to narrow down a collection of tagged tweets to “my followees only”; imagine I’m at LeWeb3, and everybody is twittering about it: I’m not interested in getting the thousands of tweets, just those from the people I’m following
– for a long time, I’ve been a proponent of stickemtogether multi-word tags; recently, I’ve revised my ideas about them and come to realise that multi-word tags really need spaces in them, for better indexing; at the moment, you need to use “+” instead of spaces, like “#san+francisco” (unfortunately these don’t get indexed correctly, [another 500 error](http://hashtags.org/tag/san%2Bfrancisco/)); [Stowe suggests opening and closing hash](http://www.stoweboyd.com/message/2007/12/hashtagsorg.html) as an alternative, which is a bit hashy though it has its charm (“#san francisco#”).

In any case, nice to see such an initiative up and running!

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