BlogTalk 2010: Call for Papers, For You Too! [en]

[fr] Il est encore temps d'envoyer des propositions pour la conférence BlogTalk. Ne ratez pas cette occasion si vous travaillez dans le domaine des médias sociaux ou applications sociales, que vous soyez académique dans le monde des affaires.

Like last year, I’m on the programme committee for BlogTalk, the international conference on social software. BlogTalk was the first ever conference I went to, way back in 2004, in Vienna. It’s interesting in that it tries to bridge the academic and business worlds, with speakers and attendees from both sides.

We’re currently looking for people to submit papers on topics related to social software and social media. The submission date has been extended to 21 June 2010. You can submit the paper through the BlogTalk 2010 EasyChair site. More details are available on the BlogTalk 2010 Call for Papers page. There is also the later date of 7 July for those who want to submit demonstration or poster proposals.

If you are doing any work in the field of social media/social software and would like a chance to talk about it to a smart and diverse audience, I really encourage you to submit a proposal.