LeWeb'12 Behind the Scenes for Official Bloggers [en]

[fr] Visite derrière la scène pour les blogueurs officiels.

So, the spirit for me this year is “more posts, less blabla” — keep the long rambling ones for… I don’t know when, and just publish stuff as it comes up.

I’ve just uploaded the blurry (inevitably, with low light and fast-moving official bloggers led through the venue by Loïc) photos I took during the behind-the-scenes visit we organize every year for official bloggers.

LeWeb'12 Behind the Scenes 2

Loïc very kindly walks us through the unfinished venue. I really appreciate (and the official bloggers too) that he takes the time to do this. We get to see the stage and lounges before everybody else, ask him and Christophe (the producer) questions, watch everything be built before our eyes, and check out places which will be out of bounds once the conference starts.

Incredible to imagine all the work that is done during the night so that everything is ship-shape by the time LeWeb stars the next morning!

So, here are some of the photos I took with a few comments.

Setting for official speaker photos:

LeWeb'12 Behind the Scenes 13 -- Official Photo Shoot Setting

The speaker lounge:

LeWeb'12 Behind the Scenes 20 -- Speaker Lounge

The official blogger lounge (sporting a satisfying amount of power strips and ethernet cables, thanks ESPN!)

LeWeb'12 Behind the Scenes 21 -- Official Blogger Lounge

Post-It portrait of Marissa Mayer in the making:

LeWeb'12 Behind the Scenes 24 -- Marissa Mayer Portrait in Post-Its


LeWeb'12 Behind the Scenes 23 -- WordPress Booth

Behind the stage. In the dark. Lots of screens. Shiny tech.

LeWeb'12 Behind the Scenes 12 -- Backstage; Geek Paradise

Even better: in the Tardis-like video bus behind the venue

LeWeb'12 Behind the Scenes 14 -- Inside the Video Truck

And yeah, the stage!

LeWeb'12 Behind the Scenes 7 -- Stage and screens

Hope you’ll enjoy LeWeb this year if you’re here. I’m definitely excited to be tomorrow!