Begonia Flowers [en]

[fr] Saviez-vous que les bégonias faisaient des fleurs femelles et mâles sur la même plante? Je viens de le découvrir.

I realized this morning that my begonia (who has identity problems, more on that later) first produces male flowers, then female ones. I noticed a couple of days ago that the new buds on the flower branch were slightly different from the old ones.

Plants 1.jpg

See the change?

Plants of mine 4.jpg

Above, the “old” male flowers. Below, the “new” female flowers:

Plants 2.jpg

Plants 3.jpg Plants 4.jpg

Of course, inspired by Derek, I’m going to see if I can get seeds out of them, given I still have male flowers in the kitchen 🙂

Plant News [en]

[fr] Mes plantes vont bien!

The plant-life in my appartment is doing pretty well, so I thought I’d give you some news. Happy news, to make up for the poor yucca, who is, it’s decided, going to be chopped up. If you have an idea for a big shade-loving plant to replace it, let me know.

Happy Monstera

My Monstera is happy. I think it likes the fertilizer. The stump of the stalk I cut off has sprouted two new leaves. I suspect it is relying on the aerial roots more than the flimsy stalk for those, but we’ll worry about that when I repot it (probably next year, I’m not sure how wise it is repot a fresh spurt of leaf-creation).

Plants of mine 2.jpg

Plants of mine 5.jpg

Plants of mine 6.jpg

Plants of mine 9.jpg

As for the stalk I didn’t touch this time, it has produced the most beautiful leaf ever in all my years of Monstera-keeping. See all the holes? I’m also going to wait a bit before chopping this one up. I actually managed to pull it into a less invading position now that the other stalk is gone.

Plants of mine 3.jpg

Plants of mine 7.jpg

The Monstera in the kitchen is happy too, and has produced a giant leaf. This one is a chopped-off top of the main plant, from a year or two back (I’ve lost track).

Plants of mine 8.jpg

Multiplying Spider Plant

The tiny spider plant I bought is thriving. Did you know that here we call them “plante vaudoise”, because the colours of the leaves are the same as the Vaud flag? Anyway, the stolon it produced is now carrying flowers and plantlets, which I find very pretty. I’m looking forward to having many more of these!

Plants of mine 1.jpg

Flowering Begonia

The Begonia Maculata in my bedroom has been in bloom non-stop.

Plants of mine 4.jpg

The cutting on the kitchen shelf is also flowering. How did I manage so long with fertilizing my plants? It’s obvious they like it.

Plants of mine 12.jpg

By the way, I have two Begonia Maculata plants: one with 10-cm leaves, and the other with 15 to 20-cm leaves. Aside from the size of the leaves, they are identical: white-spotted leaves and pink flowers. If anybody has information on how to call these two siblings, I’m interested. The leaf size is not just a question of plant age or location or pot size; it’s really two different variations on the same plant theme. Like an M-sized Begonia Maculata and and L-sized one.