I'm really liking San Francisco [en]

[fr] J'aime bien San Francisco 🙂

The streets of San Francisco have this weird feeling of infinite possibility floating around them. The weather is sunny, spring-like for me. I spent two days walking up and down town, and it’s just teeming with life. There are stores, there are parks, there is really nice food — and not just the Asian variety. The skyscrapers, which I thought nothing but ugly when I was first here eight years ago, are beautiful when they glitter in the morning sun and when they light up from the inside as night falls.

San Francisco is locked up in a space of 49 square miles, a roughly square-like surface with sea on all sides but one. And I think that may very well be what helps me like it: it’s rather small, compact, walkable. A little world of its own, in which websites I use daily become offices and nicknames in IRC chatrooms become people to hang out with.

Two days ago as I was walking along the bay, I found myself thinking that I wouldn’t mind packing up Bagha and coming to spend a few months here (well, maybe he would mind — doesn’t seem to be too much of a life for an outdoor cat around here). After my year in India, it took me several years to really settle down again. I had a pretty hard time coming back, actually. And this is the first time I find myself somewhere thinking “hmmm, I wouldn’t mind moving here for a few months”…