Lift13, From Fiction to Design: Anthony Dunne [en]

Here are my live notes of the Lift Conference session “From Fiction to Design, from Design to Fiction”. Keep an eye open for mistakes, inaccuracies, and other flakiness due to live-blogging.
Anthony Dunne

The United Micro Kingdoms: a Fiction.

Example: future of money project for Intel. EPSRC/NESTA.

Totally improbable projects: orientable roof-top landing strip for airport, on the skyscrapers. Huge huge plane with 6 stories, planetary resources scheme for asteroid mining…

Realism > idealism. Don’t design for how things are now.

Re-drawing European borders according to energy sources rather than countries.

Luigi Seraphini: Codex Seraphinianus.

Back to reality: Solutions series of books by Sternberg Press. Imaginary countries.

Alternative for the UK: United Micro Kingdoms.

Digitarians: embrace digital technology, dystopian. Self-driving cars. Rooms that carry people around.

*steph-note: lost*

Automating the road system for maximum economic benefit.

Communo-nuclearists. Use nuclear power, unpopular with other groups. Bits of landscape on wheels that transport people => train, 7km long. Plots with houses etc.

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