Using Google Docs for Small Team and Project Management [en]

[fr] Pour gérer des petites équipes et des projets de modeste envergure, simplement utiliser les documents partagés de Google Docs peut vous sauver la mise et diminuer grandement les communications inutiles. Par exemple, un document texte avec la timeline, les éléments clés du projet, les next actions... Pas besoin de se casser la tête à rentrer ça dans un programme dédié!

I regularly work with small teams of people, particularly when wearing the blog editor or blogger relations consultant hat. I love using Google Docs to keep everyone in the loop. It’s not a very structured way of doing things, but it works well enough.

I usually have one text document which contains an outline of the timeline, project description, decisions to make, and an action list of who does what. It’s shared with everyone and team members ideally update it as we go along.

If there is a larger group of people involved, I might set up a Google Groups discussion list so we can all communicate with each other.

For lists of people (bloggers to invite or accredit, posts to publish/review…) I make a spreadsheet that I share with all people involved, again.

I also use shared folders so we can try to collect all project-related documents in one place.

Using these shared documents avoids dealing with e-mail attachments (urgh!) which are forever out-of-date (“got the latest version?”) and minimizes to-and-fro communication just to know where things are.

However, it remains really important to have phone calls or face-to-face meetings in parallel — shared documents alone aren’t going to make your project run itself!

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