One a Week? [en]

[fr] Tant d'articles à écrire. Un par semaine, peut-être? Histoire d'avancer dans le tas? Suivez les liens si vous êtes impatient...

Hello there! Another of Steph’s “grappling with blogging” posts. I’m starting to have a pile-up of “posts I need to write about cool stuff” but that I don’t get around to writing because of course, paid work and need for downtime tend to be more of a priority these days.

I need to write about my kindergarten classmate Kris Di Giacomo who does lovely children’s books illustrations. I need to write about Skeeble, my friend Xavier Bertschy‘s “painlessly create your smartphone app” service, which recently got significant local funding. I need to write about Horse Coaching, which I discovered last week thanks to an invitation from Valérie Demont, one of last year’s students from my SAWI social media course. I should probably also talk about the “learn to write for a blog” training day she’s helping me set up for December 3rd (in Lausanne, in French). I have a pile of articles waiting to be written about my trip to Morat (thanks to Fribourg Région). I want to write about what I’m doing to try and make something of my childhood passion for animals and their behaviour, amongst other things by offering to volunteer at Wildlife SOS while I’m in India in a few weeks.

So, I’m thinking that maybe I should be “modest” (ha! ha!) in my ambition and put one of these posts on my to-do list every week. And do it.

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