Lift10 Workshop: Experience/Memory [en]

These are my running notes of the Lift conference. May contain errors, omissions, things that aren’t quite right, etc. I do my best but I’m just a human live-blogging machine.

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Andreas Simon and Flavia Caviezel, from IDK (institute for Research in Art and Design), FHNW, Basel.

Introduction, then group work, brainstorm, and presentations.

Lift10 Workshop Experience/Memory 1

Andreas has been working in interaction for a long time. Better interaction: keeps you in the moment. Flow of interaction.

Found a screenshot of Tetris to illustrate this, and it was part of an article: Can Playing the Computer Game “Tetris” Reduce the Build-Up of Flashbacks for Trauma?

Summary: maybe playing Tetris after a trauma prevents consolidation of memories, in the six hours that follow.

Understand the interplay between experience and memory. Long term effects vs. now.

Working hypothesis: memory is motivated by experiences. Constructed. *steph-note: listen to the RadioLab episode on memory.*

Memory: media, artwork, everyday objects, memorabilia, narrative, ritual.

Media: experience => capture => edit => curate => present/perform => edit etc. Loop that goes on year after year.

Visual media is dominant. Olfactive memories are quite strong but hard to work with. Very few haptic memories.

Two examples of technology which could be interesting to explore:

  • biofeedback: capture the physical effects of emotion
  • video: full spherical video to capture “everything”

Video is usually too much effort to edit. Maybe 360° capture changes things.

*steph-note: not sure I really understand where we’re going with this intro, but I guess we’ll discover that soon!*

*showing us video about a dress-up place in India — guy explains how people’s behaviour changes when they dress up.*

*Flavia Caviezel is giving an introduction to visual anthropology, participant observation — unfortunately am missing a lot because of a very loud projector fan just next to me.*

Example of transfer of cultural experience: Netsilik Eskimo Series. How to build an igloo. Another link. And another.

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