Playing with Google Wave [en]

[fr] Histoire de s'amuser un peu avec Google Wave, j'ai créé une wave autour de mon dernier article, histoire de voir ce que le contexte "Wave" peut changer à la discussion qui s'ensuit.

My Wave invite arrived this morning (thanks! I actually got two!) and I’ve been playing around with Wave since I got up. It’s fun. It’s a bit buggy. But I find it really exciting.

In the spirit of experimentation and trying things, I’ve decided to create a wave around my last post, Google Identity Dilemma.

A few notes about Wave:

  • big waves make my Firefox so slow that I downloaded Chrome for OSX to run Wave in it — seems much zippier
  • shift+enter “closes” your blip
  • there are public waves around to help get you started — ask me in Wave or ask your contacts about them (love your network!)
  • to make a wave public, for the moment, add [email protected] to your contacts (hit enter, ignore the error message) and then add it to your wave (this might stop working)
  • invites take a while to “arrive” — between the moment people invited me and I got the notice in my inbox, I think a good week went by.

So, if you are one of the lucky ones on Google Wave already, head over to my Google Identity Dilemma wave, add it to yours, invite your friends, and have a wave-fest!

5 thoughts on “Playing with Google Wave [en]

  1. Hey, ça me met “you’re not a participant in this wave”.
    Voulu? C’était une wave sensée être publique?

  2. ah très étonnant, oui, elle est publique (d’autres l’ont rejointe…) — je viens de t’inviter, du coup.

  3. Note to people trying to post comments here like “can I please have a Wave invite?” — this is not the place to do it. First, I don’t have any invites (and when I do, I will keep them in priority for people I already know), and second… well, I’m not going to publish these comments 🙂

  4. Didn’t see this post when I wrote the comment on the last one 😉
    Thanks for the brief review. Exactly what I was looking for 🙂

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