Feeling Like a Born-Again Blogger [en]

[fr] Depuis quelques jours, je blogue à donf, comme on dit -- et j'ai l'impression de redécouvrir ce média. Oui, ça marche vraiment de mettre par écrit ses idées, ses doutes, ses problèmes stratégiques ou organisationnels. La communauté est une précieuse alliée. Continuez à laisser vos commentaires, je les apprécie beaucoup!

I feel like a born-again blogger.

Over the last days, I’ve been blogging like a madwoman about Going Solo (and other things), and I feel like I’m rediscovering blogging. All this stuff that I tell my clients about, I’m in it now:

  • blog about the process, the ideas — you’ll get great feedback
  • blog about your doubts or problems — your readers are smarter than you are
  • blog about stuff you want to get out there — once it’s online, it’s ready to spread.

Funnily, I find myself faced with the same kind of doubts that my clients often express (though, I’m happy to say, they’re fading fast):

  • can I really blog about this when it hasn’t been set in stone yet?
  • what if people steal my ideas?
  • should I mention this or that, or is it best kept under wraps for the moment?
  • how much should I tell people?
  • do I make a separate blog for my event/company, or keep it all on mine?
  • how do I get my partners to blog?

So far, the responses I’ve got to my blogging and talking about my project (online, offline, in public, or in private) have been overwhelmingly supportive, positive, and constructive. It’s very encouraging. Keep it coming. Reaching out to the community really does work — I knew it, but now I’m experimenting it again.

Thanks to everybody.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Like a Born-Again Blogger [en]

  1. SEO-wise, we at Paris Web learnt the hard way (so to speak) that having three sites lowers the SEO.

    But I’d advise against mixing it all together: an event is not a company is not a person. Just think about what will happen if you let the event live and split with it as a commpany, or if you close the company or do it part-time as well as work for another company, etc.

    I’d also consider people who are only interested in one of them: some people wil want to follow only one type of information.

    But I see you made the choice already.

    About the confidentiality, you know my position because we talked privately about it (talk about confidentiality). You have to find a balance between announcing early enough for people to get organised, and communicating only so much as not to risk being stolen your ideas.

    Yet, here’s something to ponder: you’re so well-known that if you’re the first to blog about something and someone steals the idea, people will know where the original idea comes from. This is one possible advantage of being famous 🙂

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