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[fr] Je suis à la conférence LeWeb3, et pour une fois, je ne suis pas en train de bloguer les sessions. Je suis ici pour une autre raison: entamer des discussions avec des sponsors potentiels pour la conférence-événement que j'organise début mai. Je vous dirai plus à ce sujet dans un futur billet, mais si vous me voyez au Web3, n'hésitez pas à venir me demander, je vous en parle volontiers!

This is going to be a quick and dirty posting. Lock up your sheep and warn Grandma.

The reason you haven’t seen much liveblogging from LeWeb3 is that I haven’t really been attending the sessions. To be honest, not many seemed that interesting to me (I’m aware, this year, that I’m not the target audience, so that’s OK with me). But aside from that, this is the first time I’m coming to an event with an explicit goal other than “watch interesting talks” and “catch up with friends and make new ones”.

Remember, some time back, when I told you I was starting a company? Well, things are starting to warm up and take shape. I’ll blog about it in more detail (probably on the train going back home this evening), of course, but here’s a tidbit for those of you I haven’t yet had a chance to speak about it directly.

LeWeb3 2007 marks the beginning of my discussions with companies interested in sponsoring the event that I will be holding early May. And so far, honestly, I’m really excited about how people have reacted (potential partners and attendees). But as I said, more details in a bit.

Back to LeWeb3: first of all, I’d like to say I wasn’t really planning on attending as I had been quite disappointed with last year, but following the nasty things I said about the event last year, Loïc kindly invited me to come and see for myself that he wasn’t going to do “les mêmes conneries” twice in a row (his words) ;-). So, thanks for the invite, and here are a few complaints and praises.

  • The wifi was flakey yesterday, though not as bad as last year. I had a bit of trouble logging on right now, but finally made it. – The food is delicious, as it was last year. I think a buffet for lunch is a really good idea.
  • I didn’t like the first rows being reserved for the press — it did eliminate any impulse I might have had to liveblog.
  • I like the venue. The lobby is arranged carefully, with enough small tables to fill in the empty space and encourage people to congregate.
  • Shuttle bus: great. Really.
  • Badges with information printed on one side only. Really. Stop doing that, conference organisers. Specially if the hangy-thing for the badge is meant to swirl around.
  • Good to have video of talks in the networking area. I can write this post and keep an eye on it so I don’t miss Doc Searls. (You don’t want to miss Doc. Or David.)

Don’t hesitate and come up to speak to me, specially if you’d like to sponsor my event (I’ll tell you all about it). I’m not suffering from conference overload and oversocialisation right now and quite happy to network and chat.

6 thoughts on “News from LeWeb3 [en]

  1. I missed Doc :-/ And David did not make it because of some misunderstandings.. somebody of the organizers should really be in the backchannel.

    I hope for the video recording of Doc’s talk though (then again he was talking quite a lot about what he was going to talk about yesterday on IRC).

  2. Dommage que pris par le temps Doc Searls ait du faire sa présentation au pas de course, sans pouvoir réagir aux questions de la salle. Une manifestation finalement décevante – du moins pour les conférences en salle pleinière – , sauvée par quelques interventions – Philippe Starck hilarant et hors-sujet -, M. Rangaswani sur les freins de l’adoption du web 2.0 en entreprise, Evan Williams sur la genèse de Twitter, ou Nelson Mattos sur l’innovation à Google.

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