Blogging 4 Business Afternoon Keynote: Michael Steckler [en]

Gossip: casual talking, especially about other people’s affairs.

SN are a large and highly engaged audience, so there is a great advertising and branding opportunity there. Rules?

Blogging 4 Business

75% use SN to keep in touch with family and friends.
62% for being nosey
55% express my opinions
49% meet people with similar interests

steph-note: totally tuned out I’m afraid. I think the initial idea of viewing social networks as advertising space put me off, to the point I’m not even sure if he’s saying if it’s a good or a bad thing. Today I just feel like telling people to ride on the Cluetrain.

Personal spaces set up by a brand.

How do you get into that personal area?

  • understand consumers’ motivations for using social networks
  • express yourself as a brand steph-note: I’m wondering if people shouldn’t just forget about brands a bit — not that they’re totally useless, but branding for branding gets tiring
  • create and maintain good conversations
  • empower participants

Participation ecosystem. Recommendations based on personalities.

steph-note: did a really shitty job of taking notes. I’m getting worse and worse today.

Early adopters, onine mavens, online connectors (really important!), followers.

How to? create your own community, find influential bloggers, segment existing customers, attack the niche, start the gossip, reward customers… steph-note: this is exactly the war-marketing vocabulary/mentality the Cluetrain speaks against… Eek.

Summary: SN = large and engaged audience => huge opportunity for branded content and advertising, but there are strict guidelines to how to approach this.

6 thoughts on “Blogging 4 Business Afternoon Keynote: Michael Steckler [en]

  1. euh? Bloggers are talking together… What is SN? Is it simply “large and engaged audience”? So I doesn’t understand. Sorry.

  2. Bonjour Stephanie! Je pensais justement que tu faisais un excellent boulot avec toutes ses notes. Tu dois taper à un rythme d’enfer. Merci, je vais ajouter le lien sur mon blog http://www.rollingtalks.

    J’aurais bien voulu te rencontrer mardi dernier. Fais-moi signe si tu passes à Bruxelles. Caroline

  3. Hi Stephanie, Great feedback and I’m always keen to hear what the audience really thinks at conferences. Having read the Cluetrain Manifesto and actually embodying some of the thinking in my presentation I am naturaly surpised at some of your intepretation of the presentation. The rules of engagement (the final section of the presentation) is all about maintaining transparent and honest conversations rather than viewing social networks as an advertising space; its more about the growing importance they exert in a consumer’s behaviour on-line. Happy to send through the full research de-brief as this may translate some of the ideas more clearly. Thanks Michael

  4. Hi Stephanie, i’m not sure why the idea of viewing social networks as advertising space put you off!? Although the space needs to evolve, and it is evolving (advertisers are beginning to buy), it definitely presents another opportunity to connect to ‘communities’. Disagree?

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