Blogs Can Hurt Reputations [en]

[fr] Mena Trott parle d'une situation ou une accusation erronnée contre une entreprise demeure néanmoins numéro deux dans les résultats Google pour le nom de ladite entreprise.

While the reason why Zawodny received the mail and everything else was more or less amicably sorted out, the original post is now the number 2 result in Google for “Krause Taylor.” And throughout a number of weblogs, the post was linked to by its original title “Krause Taylor spams weblogs.”

A firm like KTA, which has been around for years, can luckily rely on its positive reputation to lessen the blow of an inflammatory weblog post. But regardless of the circumstances or reality of the situation, they still have to deal with this post being a part of the permanent Google record.

Mena Trott

As I say in French in my previous post about Google and the use of full names in blogs, we bloggers have power, and with that power comes responsability. Are we really prepared for it?

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