Wiki Spam on PhpWiki [en]

Call for suggestions for a new wiki engine to run SpiroLattic, victim of too much wiki spam.

Right, I could use some help here, particularly from those of you who are more in touch with the wiki-world than I am at present.

SpiroLattic is a very inactive wiki. However, it does contain some useful pages which are regularly visited, and I’m sick of removing wiki spam from it (the wiki-spam actually succeeded in wiping the Home Page, as the older clean versions of it are not in the database anymore).

I need suggestions for a wiki engine (PHP/MySQL preferred) into which I will be able to import my existing PhpWiki 1.3 alpha something pages, and which is not too vulnerable to wiki spam. I’d like to be able to keep the existing layout, but I don’t think that’s really an issue with today’s wiki engines.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

Edit 18.12.04: Lazyweb, I invoke thee!

8 thoughts on “Wiki Spam on PhpWiki [en]

  1. sur MetaWiki, tu as 6 niveaux d'”ouverture” de ton wiki. Tu peux notamment n’autoriser que les personnes qui ont donné une email à  laquelle un lien de confirmation est envoyé.

    La fonction d’effacage (pour supprimer les vandales) est aussi assez efficace : en un click, tu séléctionnes toutes les contributions faites par la même IP.

    Niveau habillage, tu fais ce que tu veux

    Si jamais une solution de wiki hébergé t’intéresse …

  2. Le spam est vraiment partout. Ça me donne la nausée. Une partie non-négligeable de mes journées (tant au travail qu’en congé) est consacrée à  la lutte contre le spam.

  3. MediaWiki

    I've installed MediaWiki. Explanation and solution of a bug I bumped into while installing (because of UTF-8 in MySQL 4.1.x) and comments on the method for interface translation….

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