Safe in India [en]

I have arrived safely in India. More news later.

Just a note to tell everybody that I have safely arrived in India. I’ll be taking a coach to Pune this afternoon. Expect more news in a few days, including my cellphone number!

9 thoughts on “Safe in India [en]

  1. ciao!
    on espère que tout se passe bien et on se réjouit du prochain karaoké!!!
    Il neige ici et il fait froid…
    on t’attend avec impatience!


  2. Coooooool! Moi aussi je pars en Inde l’été prochain, pendant 1 mois à  Mahad, à  200 km de Bombay pour un projet humanitaire. Et toi, que fais-tu là -bas? Dans quelle région? Quand tu rentres, peux-tu venir me faire un p’tit bonjour sur mon blog ou me laisser un mot sur ma boîte mail? Ce serait super mimi! Veinarde, va 😉 Merci d’avance et grosses bises à  l’Inde!

  3. I’m glad you arrived safe and sound. Hope you’ll have a grea time there! 🙂

  4. Wow! What an exciting place to visit! Are you there for business or pleasure? My daughter is 11, and her best friend at school (in Los Angeles) is an Indian girl named Sahiba (her family is Sikh). Will there be many festivals or celebrations while you are there? I discovered your blog in looking for weblogs from Switzerland. Only 3 were listed!

    Best wishes,


  5. Bonjour,

    Je suis une amie de Anita. J’ai vu votre photographie dans le blog d’anita.

    J’habite à  Bangalore, en Inde, maintenant.

    Je souhaite que vous passiez un bon vacance en Inde.

    maintenant j’apprends francais à  l’alliance francais bangalore.


  6. Laura, no problem, I’ll clean up the extra comments.

    I’m here to visit friends, mainly, and spend a little time in this country I lived in during a year.

    As for swiss blogs, there are more than three — try !

  7. Yayyy ! its “Amchi Pune” yet again !
    I see you didnt miss the extra traffic and the extra traffic signals 🙂
    Theres a bunch of malls and cinema multiplexes opened up too. Punes come a long way hasnt it…Im not sure I like where the city is headed though.

  8. I am Laura’s 11 year old daughter. I am interested in starting a blog, but I dont know how. Can you tell me? I would also like to see some of the puppies that you mentioned earlier(*I LOVE puppies!!!*) Please write back.

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