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End of holidays. They just sped by. East Midlands Aiport, waiting for boarding time. No wireless connection here, or so it seems.

I haven’t posted much, have I? Actually, I’ve just been too busy being on holiday. I spent time with people I love, went shopping, got dressed up, ate great Indian food, went on a date, watched lots of movies, tried various Internet connections, and flew around the British Isles. I even attended an archeology lecture at Birmingham University this morning.

My holidays were really nice, thank you, and I’ll make no mystery of the fact that I am not looking forward to going back to work. (Apart for seeing my dear collegues, of course, if any of you chance to be reading this…)

Carrying the laptop around was a nice idea, despite the weight. It allowed me to hijack my grandparents’ internet connection more than I decently should have. It also gave me the chance to have a (very) brief chat with Joi in Geneva Airport before taking off, and a “suprise-meet-up” with Antoin in Dublin. I tinkered some more with Movable Type, made progress with the website I’m preparing for my judo school, and kept in touch to some extent with my online world.

It’s a bit strange how I just can’t seem to totally relax in my life right now. I keep feeling this underlying guilt I’ve got used to living with all these last years: guilt about setting aside what I should be doing (my studies), instead of having fun.

So now that my studies are over, it’s interesting to note that the feeling has not yet completely gone away. I regularly realise (a pleasant surprise, actually) that I am on vacation the coming week-end. That there is nothing I should be doing apart from taking time off. That I am free to go over and meet people for the week-end, or just hang around at home doing nothing, or go and watch five movies in two days at the cinema.

I can feel this is a time of change. I’m looking forward to what is to come.

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  1. “… went on a date…” : did you try to slip that one in there quietly? Welcome back!

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