Girl Stuff [en]

Did I tell you about my Golder Rule #1 for putting on nail polish? I’m not sure anymore. It goes like this:

1. Don’t start putting nail polish on when you have just 20 minutes left before going out.

This morning, I have discovered Golden Rule #2:

2. Don’t put nail polish on in the morning before you’ve had anything to eat.

Now let me go and have my breakfast.

2 thoughts on “Girl Stuff [en]

  1. Could it possibly be that nail polish was invented as a ploy to debilitate those of us who occasionally feel the need to smell the acridity of unnatural polymers? (Okay, I made that bit up about polymers – none of my bottles of nail
    polish say what they actually contain, funnily enough.)

    I’ve given up nail polish (on my fingernails, at least) in exchange for soy milk. 🙂

  2. What de hell are use talkin bout nail polish for? I need some advice quick, my boyfriend OF 2 YEARS treats me bad, i wanna dump him but its hard, HELP! XX

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