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I stumbled upon BonniNet by following a link to the blogs by women webring.

In short, BonniNet is a collection of sites with a personality – and behind the site, an extraordinary woman. You can jump in anywhere, and before you know it you’ll quickly have spent a couple of hours reading around.

Bonni’s site is beautifully designed, and full of interesting well-written content. I spent a long time reading in her personal pages – there is a weblog, too.

Stop by at Zoë Notes (a mother’s diary) and be sure to read Missycat’s Principles of the Universe. You’ll also find a very good collection of parenting links and a subsite on evaluated childbirth.

On a more serious note, the trinity pages tell Bonni’s recovery from childhood abuse and domestic violence.

When you feel you’ve read all you can on BonniNet (put aside a few days for that), you’ll still have a pretty collection of related sites to visit. In particular, if you’re into visual (digital) art, you might enjoy elizabyte.

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