Shallow Rant [en]

  • Why is everybody looking at America united against terrorism, when it is the most normal reaction or a community against a common ennemy?
  • Why does America, once again (cf. Pearl Harbour), seem to move only when it has been kicked in the shins? Terrorism isn’t new, lots of nations will tell you that.
  • Why does the official response from America seem to be “who, how, when, how can we make them pay”, instead of “why? what brings about terrorism?”
  • Why are people so prone to generalizing, putting others into categories, and reacting in a racist manner instead of understanding that all Muslims are not terrorists, just as all Americans are not Unabomber?
  • Why has W insisted on dramatizing the situation in his speeches, speaking of war, of revenge, of injustice, giving fuel to people’s anger instead of contributing to calm spirits?

These are all rhetorical questions, of course.

One thought on “Shallow Rant [en]

  1. yup..these questions are what any sane human being would ask..what is i
    call rational thinking..but this is human natute to perceive things in
    his/her own way, and which seems right atleast in some perspective..lets
    say if i were an american, i would naturally voice for america even if i
    knew thousands innocents will be killed if a bomb drops on
    afghanistan..the society around u controls u more than anything
    is then highly expected of W to speak in a commanding tone “speaking of
    war, of revenge, of injustice”..cause they as a super-power would do
    whatever they wanna do..just look at it is supporting US
    just to save its ass from getting screwed by whatever gonna happen
    will will take something supernatural to stop such natural

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