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I spent an hour or so chatting with the very nice couple who live just upstairs of me. They are going to “adopt” Bagha during my various trips this summer – which will not be a really big deal for him, as he already tends to “invade” their flat quite a lot.

Cali is getting ready for the big ride to the UK – she’s going back to live with Aleika, after having spent her quarantine time with me in Switzerland. I’ll miss her, but I’m also happy that she’ll be with Aleika again.

We’ll be driving there on Thursday, as the plane for Cali turned out to be prohibitely expensive (she has to travel as manifest freight to enter the UK).

I’ll be coming back to Switzerland around August 1, and leaving again – for India this time! – on the 13th (for six weeks). I’m starting to be excited about all this. After having Somak and Aleika on the phone last night, I realized how much I miss not having them around. I’m really looking forward to seeing them!

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