To Hell With Bad Browsers [en]

A List Apart: To Hell With Bad Browsers

Thousands of new sites premiere every day. Most of them are built to support bad browsers intead of standards. It’s an epidemic. Enough already. We finally have good browsers. Let’s use them.

Makes sense. Seems like a move. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “To Hell With Bad Browsers [en]

  1. I read the upgrade initiative, and then went to make my site compliant. All it took was one line, and a little “alt” tag. Now it’s great according to the W3C validator. : )

  2. my site is viewable in ie, ns, opera and lynx, and according to my webalizer stats no-one else visits my site so…

  3. so…? what were you going to say, sleepy? That your site was already standards-compliant, or that it didn’t need to be?

  4. oh, that my site is standards compliant. my html is, honestly, pretty poor, but breaking the odd rule has had no effect on the view various browsers see.

  5. haha! that was very late at night and quite a puzzling statement!
    i think what i meant was:
    browser developers actually design the browsers to deal with bad tags and such, being perfectly compliant isn’t important (unless you’re doing a test on html :p)

  6. oh. so in short you’re saying all the fuss about standards doesn’t make sense. Which is the opposite of what I’m saying. I say that being compliant is important.

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