Poor French Web [en]

So I’ve just spent the last few hours running around the French-speaking web to hunt down some nice design sites… or worthwhile webmaster resources (I hate reinventing the wheel, you know, so before I start writing it all myself…)

Well I tell you… it’s depressing. Five years behind at the least. But even so… Five years ago, there was David Siegel.

Most of the french-speaking professionnal web designer’s sites I have found look more like some high-school kid’s first shot at it on tripod or xoom. And then, that’s not nice of me to say that for the high-school kids.

If you know of any well-designed French-speaking site, please leave a comment to let me know! I’ll be very happy to find it…

2 thoughts on “Poor French Web [en]

  1. heyhey hello
    you look amazing :), and i ve just had a quick look on your blog bidon (which i randomly found) and this one and you look like a really clever and passionate person, hope you find what you are looking for, good luck!

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