Clubbing [en]

Out dancing last night to celebrate my brother’s birthday, I tried to mentally enter the lives of these people who would spend all their week-end evenings dancing away to deafening music, consuming alcohol and possibly more evil substances.

Do you really get a chance to know people and meet future friends in such places? Can you get more there on a human level than fast sex and body rubbing?

Sure, we need face-to-face and physical contact with other human beings.
But admitting you get that in other areas of your life, does an evening out clubbing have more “value” than an evening online – especially if you are not very keen on the kind of encounters the night-club has to offer?

3 thoughts on “Clubbing [en]

  1. mythun- i can’t believe your site is down again! i think you’re just joking around now! 😉

  2. hmm…
    like-minded people!
    i was wondering if anyone else thought the same things about clubs and stuff as me…

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