Paralyzed [en]

My thoughts are paralyzed. I’m not so naive as to think that my ideas are original. They have most certainly been already thought, discussed and opposed to.

It is a risk I have to take. I must take the risk of stating the blatantly obvious. Of saying wrong and being told so. Of being misunderstood. And finally, the risk of seeing my words say something else than what I intended.

6 thoughts on “Paralyzed [en]

  1. me thinking out loud… each time I start thinking about anything I tend to come to a halt… because of what I explain here.

    No, not sad about it : )

    Just irritated.

  2. be naive as to think your thoughts are original 🙂 i do, and i’m usually right :p i believe you’re looking in the wrong places to find your individuality?

  3. individuality? I don’t think what I’m trying to say has anything to do with it… I think it’s more a problem of being right or wrong – I don’t like being wrong ; )

  4. But the only way to find out if you’re right is to risk being wrong, no? And it’s important not to become paralyzed, so you can quickly find out what thoughts are wrong or unoriginal and progress on to the original or correct ones… though I can’t say I don’t have the same problem…

  5. To answer Dave, I perfectly agree. It’s even what I say in the second paragraph – and saying it is my way of trying to overcome this block, and take the risk of saying.

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