Lift09 — Open Stage: Daniel Kaplan [en]

How do we expose ourselves online?
How do we choose our online friends?
Results from a new kind of online sociological survey.

Survey: you can’t just go and ask people to put words on their practices. Designed it like a game. Shown images / I values and U values.

– “I” values: traditional – the more revealing the picture, the less people are expected to see it.
– “U” values: things you feel strongly about

People have a strategy! they know what they’re doing…

– traditionnals
– exhibitionnists
– immodest
– trash/playing with the game

Traditionals, biggest group:

– don’t display more than what you would put on your desk or in your sitting room

Are social network equalizers? No, we mingle with people who are like us or of higher social status.

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