LIFT08: Eric Favre [en]

*Live notes that don’t really do justice to the talk — I had trouble keeping up.*

LIFT08 088 Eric Favre

Passion is a necessary ingredient to invention (hence the presence of his wife here). Eckert is one of the first inventors, for Eric Favre. He invented a 20-ton, 18’000-light machine: the first “computer”. Modern maths.

How to make the best coffee: put the coffee in a little bag. Found a place where they made the best coffee in Italy. His wife befriended the guy who made the best coffee and asked him the right questions. Each time he lifted the “piston” he inserted air in the coffee — that was the trick. Air + water + coffee = expresso.

Role of women in marketing a product.

*steph-note: sorry, I’m having trouble following this coffee stuff. I don’t drink coffee…*

Innovation and invention are not the same thing.

Eric’s father was an inventor (lived his whole life off the invention he made when he was 18). In the genes? Maybe more contact with inventors.