LIFT08: Guy Vardi (Casual Games) [en]

*steph-note: live blogged notes, may be incomplete, etc.*

LIFT08 163 Guy Vardi

Casual games?

– “silly, stupid games”
– “games for the housewife”

*steph-note: video went way too fast for me.*

If a hardcore game is a full meal, a casual game is a snack.

Snacks are not dinner, say the WoW fans.

People play 2-3 hours a month, 3-15 times a month. (*steph-note: not sure I got that right.*)

Second largest money waster in the US after the subprime crisis 😉

Stats: rising phenomenon. People spend more time playing online games than watching clips on YouTube or interacting in social networking sites like Facebook.

Bite-side episodes. People want short stuff (video clips, TV episodes, music).