Linkball [en]

[fr] Une pile de liens, encore!

So, here’s another bunch of interesting links I’ve found and read. Again, blame Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook (and falling down the blog-hole), I’ve lost my sources for most of them. So, a big warm thanks to all the people I follow someplace or other — it’s thanks to you collectively.

W.L. Gore: Lessons from a Management Revolutionary (via johntropea): you’ve all heard of Gore-Tex, right? The company behind it, Gore, sounds very much like a “company of the future” when you read about how it is run (“self-run” is a better term).

My Family’s Experiment in Extreme Schooling: off to Russia from the US (and into a Russian-medium school…)

ZOMBIES, RUN! Running game & audio adventure for iOS/Android: on Kickstarter, a game that will make you run in real life to survive the zombie attack inside the game. If you’re trying to back the project and Amazon doesn’t let you — happens with some non-US accounts, this workaround works.

Nobody Asked For A Refrigerator Fee: how fridges and electricity killed Stockholm’s largest employer a century ago. An example of innovation making business models go bankrupt. Sheds interesting historical light on the uproar around the demise of certain industries brought on by the internet.

A Jobs Plan for the Post-Cubicle Economy: how the work world is changing, and how our migration from office to freelancing is similar to migration from farm to factory.

SEO for Non-dicks: couldn’t have said it better. Read this if you’re concerned about search result placement.

Facebook Scare: Uncheck Comments and Likes: have been trying to fight the epidemic of “please uncheck comments and likes” copy-paste madness on Facebook by spreading this article. Scoop: your comments and likes have always been visible. They depend on the visibility of the status you’re commenting or liking. Only now, you actually get to see if the status is public or not (before, you had to guess). Don’t panic. Go and review your privacy settings instead. And get ready for Timeline, which is going to turn Facebook upside-down for you, whether you want it or not. (God save us all. I can already see the wave of panic, rumors, protests and bunched-up panties that is going to hit us.)

It’s the end of the web as we know it: I keep seeing articles that remind us of the importance of owning our data. Have you noticed how you’re reading this on Climb to the Stars, on my own domain, hosted on my own server, run with my own WordPress installation? Yup.

What if the Secret to Success Is Failure? Excellent article on schools and education. Failure, we needs it. Parents who feel compelled to shield their progeny from all the ills of the world, read this fast — you might be depriving them of valuable opportunities to learn critical coping skills. (This is not to say you should be a hard-hearted bastard. Find the right balance.)