LeWeb13: Robert Scoble [en]

Robert and his Google Glass:

leweb13 2013-12-11 17h26-2

The Age of Context.

1. Sensors. We all have a smartphone filled with sensors

2. Wearables.

3. Location

4. —

5. Data

A new kind of contextual operating system. Your phone is going to know what you’re doing. Are you skiing? Personalized ski goggles (Oakley). Software that anticipates our needs and gets ahead of us.

Also means we are going to see everything that’s going on in our businesses in real time. (Uber and GE). Deep insights into customers. Initially, the Ritz was built on index cards. They’d write down everything about you to give you better customer service. That’s lost, but can come back.

Pinpoint marketing. Robert has an app that knows he’s sitting down. Apps will know that we’re at the store or hanging out with a friend.

A sensor that knows that your hand is reaching for the box of cheerios.

Eightly: instant creation of personal channels across devices. steph-note: examples? a bit abstract so far. Ah, demo coming. Feature-centred rather than user-centred, sadly. Not convinced…